Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2011 work

Retaining wall South Londonderry, Vt

150 feet retaining wall

Wall corner

Steps in middle of retaining wall
Sandra's walk with Ashfield 

Sandra's walk 2011
Historic Saxtons River farm wall repair

Farm wall repair

Historic repair

Saxtons River farm wall

Farm wall end with repaired post

Historic farm wall and repaired post


  1. Man this is a lot of work. SO much I can't see it all in one siting.... ha ha....... come on stop pulling my leg and put some pictures on this so I can see what your up too!
    Mark RockinWalls

  2. All right Mark, I'm new to this. Here are some pictures of the work I did in 2011. the post in the historic repair was run over by a drunk driver. It broke in half and I used Granite City Tools epoxy to fix it. Great stuff if you ever need to glue stone together.

    1. Nice repair. I helped repair a huge granite post that lost a fight with a pickup truck....we repaired it with epoxy as well. We also applied a thin coat along the crack, because the edges were smashed, then rubbed some finely crushed granite chips and dust into it to flush up the crack. It's holding up and looks good, the repair was 12 years old the last time I looked at it.