Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2011 work

Retaining wall South Londonderry, Vt

150 feet retaining wall

Wall corner

Steps in middle of retaining wall
Sandra's walk with Ashfield 

Sandra's walk 2011
Historic Saxtons River farm wall repair

Farm wall repair

Historic repair

Saxtons River farm wall

Farm wall end with repaired post

Historic farm wall and repaired post

Final 2012 job

This is the final job of 2012. Another set of steps. Pittsfield Vt.

Steps in Tyson

Second Tyson steps all laid by hand.

The finished steps.

More 2012

Cleaning out the muck

The start of dry work

The hard working buckets

The job finally done.

2012 Review

 This my start at blogging about my fun with stone. The following picture are a review of the work I completed in 2012. I hope you enjoy.
Old patio out.
New patio in.

Blue Stone patio with crushed black slate in gaps. Finished April 2012